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FCR 5000 Plus: Used Equipment Refurbished

FCR 5000 Plus Fuji Multi-plate CR Reader, Flash Lite IIP. (Flex-UI version 2.1.00101)

FCR 5000 Plus is an excellent choice for your digital diagnostic future. Images are of very high quality, with wide latitude and sharp definition. The FCR 5000 Plus image plate reader, features:

  • Improved image diagnostics with superior speed and quality
  • Superior speed and quality
  • High Throughput - up to 128 IPs/hr
  • 10 pixel/mm sampling rates for all IP sizes
  • Cassette stacker holds four cassettes for faster, more convenient operation
  • LCD Touch panel simplifies operation
  • Wider Latitude with dynamic range control
Price includes six-month parts only warranty. Customer responsible for installation and labor portion of the warrantee. Freight Out Shipping & Handling.

FCR 5000 used and refurbished

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